Omni3D Web Control

Remote preview of 3D printout through the camera, as well as the ability to perform other procedures without approaching the printer.

Omni3D Head Leveling Control

Automatic extruder height control system, which consists in direct measurement of the distance in the Z axis between the right and left extruder.

Omni3D Platform Autoleveling System

TAutomatic table leveling system, i.e. striving for the state in which the printer nozzle will be at the same distance in the Z axis from the build plate, regardless of the position of the print head in the X and Y axes.


Inactive head lifting system

This system automates the head calibration process, significantly increases the level of print repeatability and enables work with more geometrically complex designs without the risk of damaging the printout by an inactive head.

New work platform

The new aluminum, two-sided milled structure of the table surface ensures the best surface flatness, which is a key element of the printer characterized by the highest level of printing precision.

New head radiator cooling system

This system allows the user to improve the temperature stability of the heads, which greatly facilitates the control of the filament flow.